Power Generation

Ace Precision supports large industrial, aero-derivative, and micro-turbine
markets specializing in advanced combustion liner manufacture and fuel
delivery components. Our experienced engineering team assists in value
engineering efforts on new designs with our customers to help identify process
and product changes, providing enhanced value while maintaining fit, form,
and function.

Our in-house capabilities allow for complex manufacturing utilizing our
machining, metal joining techniques, heat-treating, airflow, and industry
approved coatings to allow control over the quality and turn-time necessary to
meet the needs of the customer. We work in a wide variety of nickel and cobalt
based high temperature alloys in sheet stock, castings, and forging material
forms to manufacture our products.
We manufacture the following products for the power generation industry:
• Primary fuel nozzles
• Secondary fuel nozzles
• Fuel housings
• Combustion liners
• Exhaust bellows


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