Ace Precision is a proven, recognized leader in the Aftermarket industry. We
stay current with the latest revisions in command data, processes and
configurations by partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in
the Aerospace, Power Generation and Defense industries. Year after year,
our engineering group has developed unique, innovative repair schemes while
working closely with the customer and our own cross-functional team to
provide cost-effective solutions. Our goal is to be your partner for the entire
product life cycle.

At our FAA Certificated Repair Station, we utilize component-specific work cells
and maintain a rotable pool of parts to provide quick turn time of components.

Hot section component licensed repair

Profit from our years of experience, cost-effective repair schemes, and the
fastest response time in the industry. 

Component Capabilities List

We overhaul the following Aftermarket components:
• Annular combustion chambers
• Combustion liners
• Transition liners
• Turbine plenums
• Compressor housings
• Tailpipe assemblies
• Honeycomb seals
• Labyrinth seals
• Collector housings
• Stator supports
• Heat shield assemblies
• Torus assemblies
• Scroll housings
• Inlet housings
• Exhaust mufflers


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