Metal Joining

Metal joining is a core competency of Ace Precision, and our processes are highly engineered and tightly controlled with rigid standards of acceptance and operator training.

NADCAP and OEM customers accredit Ace Precision weld processes.

Fusion Welding (GTAW)

Our highly skilled welders are certified in nickel, cobalt, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys and are required to pass examinations to assure that their skill levels meet internal and external specifications in specified joint configurations. State-of-the-art weld positioners are used in conjunction with engineered weld fixtures to achieve best possible weld quality with minimal distortion.

Laser Welding

With the wide range of high output lasers, Ace Precision is capable of producing full penetration, low distortion weld joints in metal thicknesses up to .060.

Orbital Tube Welding

Orbital welding capabilities are welding tube diameters from 1/8" to 3" and wall thickness range of .015 to .125.

Semi Automatic Jet-Line Fusion Welding

We have the capability of producing longitudinal and circumferential semi-automatic fusion welds on nickel, cobalt, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys in metal thicknesses from .015 to .500 inches. The longitudinal diameter capacity is 4" to 36" spanning a maximum length of 48". The circumferential diameter capacity is 36" by 60" in length. Amperage range on the machine is 20A to 650A with water-cooled torch and mandrel.

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is performed on computer controlled Sciaky machines up to 250KVA. Our resistance welding equipment is certified by material types, material thicknesses, and to Class A weld standards that produce X-ray quality resistance weld joints. Resistance welding is inspected and certified by our in-house X-ray Level III, as well as our materials laboratory facilities. Types of resistance welding performed are spot, overlapped spot, and rolled (seam).

Electron Beam Welding

We stay on the leading edge of technology with our electron beam welding capability. Our Sciaky-built electron beam welder has a power source capable of producing 60KV and 250Ma of power, with a chamber size of 60" x 40" x 56". CNC control and scanning capabilities allows the machine to create intricate weld paths as well as capture points along a weld joint for improved accuracy. A closed circuit imaging system provides video of the welding process for later viewing and analysis. The machine is also fitted with wire feed capabilities that allows for welding less than perfect joint fit-ups, not typical in standard electron beam welding, as well as weld build-up and direct manufacturing electron beam free form fabrication (EBFFF).



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